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Seattle's #1 Ceramic Coating & Detail Shop

Ceramic Coatings are the #1 way to keep your car shining and save time washing your car, throughout the years. Get a quick and easy quote with our top rated & certified shop today!

2000+ Cars Coated

+200 5 Star Reviews

Nationally Renowned Detailing

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Only Taking 10 More Vehicles With This Deal This Week

About Our Level 3 Coating Sale

We have 3 Coating Levels, and our top package is on sale this week!

This protection package is an excellent place for someone who appreciates a really great looking vehicle. This includes professional grade ceramic protection.

+ Triple decontamination wash

+ One Step Paint Enhancement Service to achieve up to 60% correction.

+ Dreamy Lifetime Ceramic Protection Service

+ Wheels Off Exterior Prep

+ Calipers Ceramic Protection

+ Full Wheel Ceramic Protection

+ Exposed Steering Ceramic Protection

+ All Trim Ceramic Protection

+ All Lights Ceramic Protection

+ All Windows Ceramic Protection

Take $300 Off This Week!

Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

  • Increased Gloss To Your Paint
  • Lasts YEARS
  • Extremely Hydrophobic
  • Easier to Wash
  • Easy Maintenance
  • 9H Hardness
  • No longer have to spend time waxing every month

About Dirty2Dreamy Detail Shop

Auburn, Washington's preferred detail and ceramic coating specialists. Also now a nationally renowned shop to other detailers and customers alike.

Dirty2Dreamy is much more than a detail shop. We are a community-focus operation that strives to touch lives through detail! Come see why we provide the best detail experience in the whole country.

A Word With One Of Our Loyal Ceramic Coating Customers

dirty2dreamy detailing ceramic coating
dirty2dreamy detailing ceramic coating
dirty2dreamy detailing ceramic coating


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